My first ‘proper’ quilt

wpid-IMG_20140209_164150.jpgIn my first blog- I talked about decorating my living room last year. The inspiration for that was the fact that I had decorated my bedroom the previous year , which instantly made the rest of the house look really scruffy! The inspiration for decorating my bedroom came from the fact that I’d almost finished making myself a quilt- and I felt it deserved a new room to live in. Approx one and a half years after finishing the painting- I have finished the quilt!

I have made quilts before, but I’ve never felt like they’re ‘proper’ quilts because I’ve made them up as I go along. So I read a book and asked some friends who are are experts on the subject. I came to the conclusion that it’s fine to make it up as you go along and it’s still a proper quilt!

My main disappointment with previous quilts has been the puckering of the fabric on the back. I think this is virtually impossible to avoid with a quilt of this size, unless you have a huge fancy contraption to hold the quilt flat. So I decided to do all the quilting by hand.


I started collecting fabric for my quilt about 4 years ago- and didn’t have a plan in mind at all. I just wanted to keep it simple, so squares were the obvious choice, but I had no colour or pattern theme and was literally just collecting fabrics that I like. I love how random and bright it is as a result of my random collecting- but you can see that I’m naturally drawn to certain colours!

One of my favourite pieces of fabric in the quilt is the kimono cats. I love the colours and obviously everyone loves a cat dressed in a kimono?! I picked that up at Knitting & Stitching show a couple of years ago.

Another favourite is the ditzy flowers on a navy background. Again, I like the print and colours, but also- it was my mum’s skirt from the 70’s, so it seems a bit special. The skirt didn’t fit me, so it made sense to chop it up and put it to good use.


For the back I purposefully chose a fabric that was very different to those on the front. The colours are a lot more subtle and the overall look is a lot calmer. It’s a freespirit fabric with a V&A print of peacocks. The ribbon edging ties it all together, and it’s nice that I can use either side depending on what mood I’m in. 2 quilts for the price of one!

I don’t sew very often, because I personally find it more of a faf than knitting- which means this quilt has taken years! But it’s very worth it, and I’m excited about doing some smaller sewing projects now that I’ve completed this mammoth one!


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