Mood scarf

I recently saw this ‘Sky Scarf’ on Pinterest and I started to plan something similar- but based on moods. I then discovered that that’s been done already- and you can even get a kit! But I’d already got my colours and plan in mind so I’ll be using some of my stash.

I’m going to use just 3 colours and do 2 rows at the end of each day so that I can reflect on my overall mood of the day. Fortunately I have more than 3 emotions- but I’m hoping that whatever mood I’m in, it should fit into one of the following categories. If not- I’ve got some Felted Tweed in ginger on standby!

Yellow (Rowan Pure Wool DK– Gold)= Happy, excited, positive.
Greyish (Rowan Felted Tweed– Clay)= Calm, content, okay.
Teal (Rowan Wool Cotton– Ship Shape)= Sad, angry, upset, worried.

It feels sort of wrong to be using teal as my negative colour, because it’s my favourite colour! But lovely Eleanor from Knit Nottingham pointed out that the teal will be a comfort on my sad days! She speaks a lot of sense.

I won’t be starting my mood scarf for a while because I’m in the middle of knitting a scarf in yummy Rowan Fine Art– but I’m really excited about it so I wanted to share! I’ll let you know when I start and maybe you’d like to join in? Start raiding your stash for yarns of the same weight. Needles at the ready! Hopefully we’ll all have very happy yellow scarves. Although I don’t suit yellow- so a few content/ sad days would make a better scarf!

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