Mum’s cardie

I’ve finished one of my ‘crafty to-do’s‘!


For a while now, my mum has been talking about knitting something. She even got as far as borrowing some needles and a ball of yarn from my stash! She had a bit of a play- but I think I left her disillusioned when I pointed out that she works into the back of all her knit stitches, thus twisting them.

I tried to re-ignite her interest by buying her some beautiful Rowan Lima and Sarah Hatton’s 10 More Simple Cosy Projects book as a Christmas present in 2012.

wpid-img_20140308_143820.jpgI’ve recomended this book to a lot of new knitters or people returning to knitting after a long break. It has lovely simple patterns and they’re all written out in full rather than knitting abbreviations so it’s perfect for gaining the confidence to tackle a garment.

Unfortunately my plan failed and the yarn and book were still sitting in the box a year later. So on Christmas eve 2013 I started knitting the Wanderer Cardigan myself! Despite being really quick and simple, I managed to make a few little mistakes through lack of concentration- but the odd mistake just adds to the charm doesn’t it? Finished in time for Mothers day- and if she doesn’t like it- it fits me!

I’m still keen to get my mum into knitting! Does anyone have any tips or tales of successfully inspiring someone to pick up the needles?

2 thoughts on “Mum’s cardie

  1. A sweater is a big undertaking…what about something smaller….or with no shaping. Do you live close enough to each other that you coukd make it a weekly get together to knit and visit?


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