Mood Scarf-along kick-off!

Today is the first day of British summer time, and therefore the first day of the mood scarf-along!

Thank you so much for sending me pics of your colours- as you can see from the selection above, we’re all going to have quite different mood scarves! Colour is such a personal thing, and I really agonised over my choices. The most difficult part was choosing the colour for my negative moods. I found it difficult to associate a colour I like with sadness or negativity, but I didn’t want to use a colour I don’t like in my scarf! As I said in my original mood scarf blog–  lovely Eleanor from Knit Nottingham pointed out that knitting a colour I love will be a comfort on my sad days!

So here is a quick re-cap of the 3 colours I have chosen for my mood scarf and what they mean for me.

Yellow (Rowan Pure Wool DK– Gold)= Happy, excited, positive.
Greyish (Rowan Felted Tweed– Clay)= Calm, content, okay.
Teal (Rowan Wool Cotton– Ship Shape)= Sad, angry, upset, worried.

I wanted to use three colours as I’m planning to carry the yarn up the side and any more than three would be too bulky. But I’m loving the fact that a lot of you have made your own plans! You’re more than welcome to follow the pattern I will be working to, but if like Eleanor, you don’t think you’d wear a scarf and prefer shawls, or maybe like Rebecka you prefer to crochet- then just do your own thing! I’m really looking forward to doing a show and tell on my facebook page every couple of weeks so we can see how different they all look!

Here are a few blogs people have written about their plans for the mood scarf-along-

Steph at Nettynot.

Eleanor of Knit Nottingham fame.

Lynsey’s Diary of the novice crafter.

Liv from knit group @livjaa.

And here’s my plan! I am making a fairly wide asymetric garter st scarf, so the width will be the diagonal width. I will be working two rows per day- as per the pattern below. Today I will count my cast on row as row 1 and then work row 2. My yarns are DK and I will cast on 85 sts on 3.5mm needles (shiny new needles!)

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: K1, M1, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1.

If you’re feeling inspired to join in, but haven’t bought your yarn, raided your stash or made up your rules yet- it’s not too late! You can join in the fun whenever. It’s all very relaxed!

So, away we go! I’m going to keep my mood scarf by my bed and do it at the end of each day. I hope you all have happy days! And if not- I hope that knitting your mood scarf brings you a bit of calm at the end of the day.

Happy mood scarf knitting! x

16 thoughts on “Mood Scarf-along kick-off!

  1. Started my scarf last night with my sad colour as had a disastrous day, and so glad I did as I just couldn’t get the pattern to work! I couldn’t wait to do my happy rows today though as I finally cracked the pattern! Yipeeee x


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