Polly’s quilt


One of my closest friends who I’ve known since I was 11 recently had a baby and she is beautiful!

My friends didn’t receive their wedding present until over a year after their wedding (a crochet blanket), so I was determined to finish the quilt before Polly arrived. However- partly because of being busy, (but mostly because of lack of organisation) I started making the quilt on her due date!

I cut the squares quite large so you can see the lovely prints. The duck print is my favourite and it was the first one I bought, but it proved quite difficult to find good colour matches for the peachy pink colour! I was really happy when I found the little flowers on the pale background because this brought them all together. Polly’s mum used to have chickens when she was younger, so I used some chicken fabric on the back!

Because I was working with large squares I steamed ahead with the top part and was on schedule to finish in time for meeting Polly in March. But then I tried to be clever and rush the edging! I machined all the layers together with the edging sandwiched in between so that when I turned it the right side out the edging would poke out. I ended up with puckered corners and decided to unpick and do a better job!

Sewing group last weekend was the perfect opportunity to unpick all the edging and start again. I’ve been doing a bit in the evenings as well and now it’s all ready to pop in the post to Polly.

wpid-img_20140404_172321.jpgAfter spending about a year hand-quilting  my double bed sized quilt, I decided to stick to minimal quilting on this one. Because it’s only small and all the layers are stitched together around the edge it doesn’t need a lot of quilting- so I just stitched little crosses where the squares meet. I used cotton batting that also had bamboo in it. It’s light, breathable and it held together really well when I pre-washed it. When I’ve tried pre-washing cotton batting before it’s sort of collapsed a bit so I was really pleased with this and would use it again.

I’m not really a perfectionist, but I’m so happy that I decided to re-do the edging- it looks much better. What do you do when you have a craft disaster? Do you unpick/ frog and start again- or just see it as part of the beauty of hand-crafting?!

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