No-Sew Cushion

The lovely Stuart Hillard from series one of The Great British Sewing Bee recently came along to our sales conference in Holmfirth. It was the second time I’d met him and I was very happy to discover that I had inspired him to knit some Regia socks after he met me at the Knitting & Stitching show last October!

Stuart taught us how to make a ‘no-sew cushion’. It’s been a great thing to demonstrate to my customers, who are always looking for quick and easy display ideas. I thought I would share it here because it’s also great if you want some temporary cushions while you’re making some patchwork ones (that’ll be me then!). If they’re going to get a fair amount of use, you could put a few stitches in to secure it.


You will need:

Approx one metre of fabric (I used Posie by Denyse Schmidt).
A cushion pad (I used 16″).
A helpful cat (optional).

Lay out your fabric, right side down, in a diamond shape with the cushion sitting square on top of it.


Fold the bottom corner under to make a neat edge and then fold this up to the centre of the cushion.


Do the same with the top corner and fold it down so that they overlap in the centre.


Tidy the left and right corners by folding the side bits into points and then bring these both towards the centre as if you’re wrapping a gift.


Tie them together in a knot.


Tuck under the loose ends of the knot and-




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