I used to be addicted to Elle Decoration. I’m not joking- I used to find it quite stressful if the postman didn’t bring it within the first week of the month! I very rarely read the articles- I just loved whiling away the time looking at the lovely images and getting inspired to decorate, make stuff and go shopping!

elle deco

Then I discovered Pinterest! I cancelled my Elle deco subscription shortly after.

I’m normally the one arguing the value of a real book above the kindle or insisting on having a proper diary rather than just using the one on my phone. But I must admit- I’ve recently started to lose many of the arguments that I have with myself!

I’m re-reading Harry Potter and I have to say- a kindle is preferable to falling asleep and dropping one of those hefty books on my head. And why do I carry a diary, a journey plan and a notebook around at work everyday when I could fit all of that info in my phone? I suppose I’m scared it will disappear from my phone because I don’t understand how they magically ‘sync’ with things they’re not plugged into!

One thing I’m definitely sold on however,  is replacing my monthly magazine subscription with Pinterest. It means I can search whatever it is I’m thinking about making and instantly get ideas and tips. I love the fact that I can save my favourite images to boards and refer back to them- and even set up secret boards! It’s a makers paradise.

A few of my favourite makes which were pinspired are: cheese, carrot and olive penguins which I made for a new years party. A lovely doily lampshade for my newly decorated living room. And the fabric pom-pom flowers I made for the Black Sheep sewing room.


Are you on Pinterest? Come and find me and get pinspired! Now I just need to find something I can make with a million copies of Elle Decoration. Mmmmmm- Pinterest?


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