Crafty Gardener

My dad has always had an allotment- which he used to share with my Grandad. I think my main involvement when I was younger was helping to pick and eat the strawberrys!

One of the best things about my little house, is the fact that it has two gardens! They’re both quite teeny, but it means I can have a nice private flowery garden at the back where I can relax and knit- and a veg patch at the front.

I like the fact that it’s a small space because it’s manageable- and I don’t have to travel far to do the watering. But in an ideal world- you should rotate where you plant your veg- this is difficult in a small space. I didn’t have much success last summer, so I’ve taken advice from my brother, who has a successful allotment, and I’m hoping for more luck this year!

I’ve planted my potatoes in sacks and I’m going to grow my tomatoes in hanging baskets to give the soil a year off from those. I also dug up a few bushes to plant my beans, peas and sweet-peas in a different place (above with cloches made from bottles)- these will be growing up the fence. My strawberries have got lots of flowers on so I’m hoping for a bumper crop, and the shallots are looking good!

In an attempt to improve the soil- I overwintered some green manure and dug that in just before it started flowering. I’ve also made a worm-hole, which I saw on Pinterest! I think that’s working because I saw the biggest worm I’ve ever seen the other day! Almost as long as the garden. Maybe it was a snake?

The peppers on my windowsill are also looking quite happy- so it’s going pretty well, but it’s not all been a success. I’ve managed to kill some basil, coriander, lettuce and squash seedlings- I possibly just put these in too soon so I’ll try again.

Do you have a veg patch or allotment? Or even just a windowsill? I’d love to see pics of how your seedlings are getting on!

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