Rag Rug

When I decorated my living room last year I took up the carpet and painted the floorboards with some beautiful Farrow & Ball floor paint. I love it and the room feels so much bigger- but floorboards just aren’t that cosy!


I decided that the best solution to create a warm and cosy floor would be a handmade rag rug. I was inspired by a sample I saw in M&G designs in Louth, where they are running rag rug classes. I’ve chosen neutral colours- picking out the lighter tones from my curtains and sofa. The light colours will mean the room still feels spacious- but I’m hoping that the mix of colours and textures won’t show the dirt!

I had an old tweedy skirt that I’m also cutting up to use, but most of the fabric comes from incredibly cheap curtains and blankets from Ikea. I used pinking sheers to cut the curtain strips because it does fray a bit. The ideal fabric for this is fleece, because it doesn’t fray- so if you can get the colours you want in fleece blankets, they’re perfect.




I’m new to rag rugging- but it’s such an easy craft. I watched this how-to, bought a tool and some sack fabric on ebay and got started. I’m whizzing through my crafty to-do’s at the moment. Although I think it’ll be a while before I’m ticking this one off the list- it’s quite time consuming and I want a big rug!

It’s just about big enough to fit both my feet on so far- and it really feels lovely underfoot so I’m very excited about getting it finished in time for winter! And don’t you just love it when the back of something looks nice? I think this looks like pebbles.





Have you tried your hand at any new crafts recently?

5 thoughts on “Rag Rug

  1. I have a book on rag rugging, and a big piece of hessian, but I am yet to give it a go! I’ve had them for an embarrassingly long time now. But I will do it soon! Just waiting for the appropriate environment for one, I think 🙂


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