Bank holiday sewing fun!

A few members of our lovely little knitting group also enjoy a spot of sewing from time to time!

I personally find sewing a bit more of a chore than knitting or crochet. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it as much- but it involves getting my sewing machine out or having all my bit’s together. It’s a bit more of a faf than just picking up my knitting!

Our little offshoot sewing group is perfect for me because it gives me a whole afternoon every couple of months where I’m forced to concentrate on sewing! Without sewing group it might have been a few more years before I finished my first proper quilt– and who knows if I ever would’ve got round to sewing up my curtains? I’d sort of got used to them just being pinned!

Steph has also made good use of sewing group over the last few years, as an opportunity to make a quilt. It’s an amazing quilt that her mum started and she decided to finish as a surprise gift for her. Read her blog about it here. I don’t think I would be able to give it away!

We tend to make it our mission at sewing group to eat our own body weight in cake! This time we also had a lovely bbq and some marvellous (if slightly melted) homemade snickers. Yum!

What’s your first love? Knitting, sewing, crochet or something else entirely?!

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