Henna Hair

I stopped dying my hair a long time ago because I didn’t like using chemical dyes. My hair has felt a lot healthier since and I actually don’t mind my natural mousy brown- but I do get bored of it! I’ve been thinking about dying my hair with henna for a while. I use a shampoo bar with henna in it and it makes my hair happy- but Lush have now stopped making it!

I’ve always been scared that dying my hair with henna would make it bright orange, because I already have a bit of auburn (ginger!) in my natural colour- so I went safe and used  mostly the brown shade. I bought it from Lush and used two squares of brun and one of marron, but I think one of each would’ve been enough for my short fine hair.

I don’t have many pics of the process because it’s rather messy! But I was very well prepared after reading this blog. I covered every surface and used about 6 pairs of gloves! I didn’t find it too much messier than normal hair dye- but have learnt a few things for the next time!

  • One blog I read said not to worry about chopping the squares too small- but the smaller the better! If the chunks are too big it just makes it more difficult to create the paste and makes more mess. Mine was a bit lumpy.
  • This blog said to make it as thin as you think and then a bit thinner so that it’s easy to apply. Like thin yogurt. I made mine way too thin and had it dripping down my face and neck! I think you can get away with a thicker paste on fine hair.
  • The best tip I picked up is to make more rather than less. I ended up throwing away half of the mixture, but it would have been an absolute nightmare to stop halfway through and make more.


It’s a bit difficult to get a true impression from the pics because the light was different,  the second is a bit fuzzy and it’s blooming difficult to get a picture of the back of your head! It is quite a lot darker and a bit redder in the sun. The red isn’t really noticeable unless I’m in natural light so I might risk a bit more red/brown next time. It’s been over a week and the colour hasn’t faded at all. Although my henna shampoo bar might be helping to maintain the colour.

Now that Lush have stopped making my favourite shampoo bars- my next project is to make my own– eek! Do you have any soap/ shampoo making tips?!


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