Crafty Garden Update

With all this lovely sunshine, I feel inspired to give you a little veg patch update!

When I wrote my last crafty gardener blog, I had just planted my potatoes in lovely little sacks. They are now trying to take over the world! (along with the weeds). I’m hoping that the potatoes inside are as big and impressive as the plants, but I’m a bit concerned that they’re putting too much energy into the leaves and not into the spuds. I’ve never tried growing them in sacks before so it’s a bit experimental- and I suspect my sacks are a bit too small!

I’ve already started harvesting the fruits of my labour and have eaten a couple of bowls of strawberries (as well as grabbing one or two every-time I walk through the garden). My challenge is getting to them before the slugs! If you have any organic anti-slug tips- please let me know! Eggshells work well. I’ve never tried the drowning in beer thing. It seems a bit mean.

My second lot of squash seedlings are doing better than the first ones but haven’t really got going yet. The main problem I’ve had in the past is the fruit rotting off before they’re big enough so I only end up with one or two per plant. I’ve made a sort of twig sculpture for them to grow up so that the squash won’t be sitting on the ground. It’s a bit wobbly so I’ll let you know how that goes!

And a crafty garden isn’t complete without some pretty flowers!

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