Giving up the day job

Tues 1st July called for a different stitch and a brand new colour on my mood scarf.  I chose white to signify a fresh start and the beginning of a new adventure. Self-employment!


I have worked for Coats for just over six years- firstly as Rowan Design Consultant Manager and then as Coats Territory Manager. I have had so many good times, met lots lovely people and been given some fantastic opportunities. The decision to leave was not an easy one to make.

There are so many things I will miss about my job: The friendly and talented Coats crafts family, getting boxes full of beautiful samples delivered to my door, and my lovely customers who share my excitement and passion for yarn, fabric and all things crafty.

I’m not venturing far though, and later this year I will be launching my career as a Rowan workshop tutor- so please look out for details and dates coming soon! This means I will still get to see my colleagues from Coats and the lovely Rowan retailers who I have worked with over the last six years. Yay!

My final decision was made after seeing this on pinterest….

make stuff and sleepSince writing Cute Little Knits in 2012 I have had lots of ideas for creative projects I want to work on, including more knitting patterns, knitting workshops and setting up a small business with a good friend. But I have known that pursuing these ideas alongside a demanding full time job would result in not much sleep, lots of unhealthy fast meals and generally not taking care of myself!

When I saw this pin it made me realise that if I don’t have time to do the two things that make me happiest (ie, make nice things and sleep!), then I need to address my work/ life balance and something needs to change. It’s a risk- but I feel it’s one I have to take and I’ve prepared myself for the worse case scenario!

Becoming self-employed and pursuing my creative  urges, is something I have been considering for a long time. Part of my inspiration to make the jump came from my friend Martin, who has taken a career break to follow his dreams and have lots of adventures! After suffering a brain haemorrhage in 2009, Martin has made a full recovery and decided to stop making excuses and just do stuff! You can read about Martin’s experience and follow his adventures here.

I’ve been absolutely blown away by the support and encouragement I have been given by friends, family and colleagues since making the decision earlier this year. It’s really given me confidence that I have made the right choice and I’m so grateful to have such lovely people in my life.

I’m really excited and raring to go with all my ideas, but before getting started- I needed a rest! I’ve spent a couple of weeks catching up on sleep in the sunshine and it’s been the perfect full stop to a wonderful six years, before I embark on a new chapter of my life. Wish me luck!

I would love to hear your stories about changing direction and what inspired you? x


11 thoughts on “Giving up the day job

  1. Good luck in your new venture. Life is too short not to take the opportunity to do the things that make you happy.

    I used to teach under 5 year olds and gave it up when I felt burnt out. I now design knitting patterns for bears and other animals and sell via Craftsy and Etsy. OK I’ll never be rich but I’m happy.


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  3. I downshifted / took a step side ways. I was lacking in energy and also wondering how i could do more craft/art/explore new ways of living. I am now doing a more practical job, less screen time and more people time. The day job leaves me with spare energy to do and develop other things. I am more content about the present and excited the future. I was apprehensive about making the changes but it is working out.


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