Cutting and Sticking with Amy Butler

Last week was Steph’s birthday. As the leader of our knitting group and Sheriff of Knittingham we thought she deserved something special!

wpid-img_20140809_101211.jpgSteph is a fan of the designer Amy Butler and loves her fabrics – so a few of us got together and bought Steph a place on Amy’s colour workshop at Festival of Quilts! I also love Amy so I couldn’t resist going along as well.

I’d collected a few bits and bobs before the day, but the team at Coats also provided plenty of magazines, fabrics and yarns to inspire us.wpid-img_20140809_101534.jpg

Amy started with an inspirational talk about her travels and took us on a visual tour with some of her beautiful photographs. She talked us through her design process and how she uses mood boards/ colour studies to choose her amazing palletes.

And then we started cutting and sticking!

Steph thoroughly enjoyed her birthday present and I found it really inspiring. I will definitely be using colour studies to inform my knitting pattern designs and choose my palletes in the future. I’m sure that they will all include teal!


I will be working on the Cotton Patch stand at Festival of Quilts on Sunday so come and say hello! Amy Butler will be there with her new collection ‘Glow’, which doesn’t officially launch in the UK until September. We also have Kaffe Fasset, Brandon Mabley, Nel Whatmore and Stuart Hillard with his brand new book ‘Sew Fabulous’.


See you soon! x

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