My Creative Space

Back in early July, I started taking my first steps into self-employment by doing up my work room. After many years of neglect and being used as an office/ spare bedroom/ general dumping ground, I wanted to completely empty it and start from scratch to create a knitters paradise! You can see the before picture in my ‘First Steps‘ blog.

As with most things I do- I seriously underestimated how long it would take. I wasn’t just giving it a fresh lick of paint and a tidy- so it was 3 weeks before I even got paint on the walls! I’ve taken out the bed and replaced it with some handy Ikea storage, taken up the tatty carpet and painted the floorboards- but the thing that took the most time was making shelves from scratch.

I didn’t have a windowsill before, so I’ve made a nice wide one for growing seedlings on which has lots of space underneath to store my portfolios and sewing machine. There was also a lot of wasted space between the airing cupboard and the window, so I did some made to measure (if slightly wonky) shelves and I’m amazed that all of my fabric stash now fits there. Although I’m a bit concerned that the top layer of fabric in each box will fade by the window!


I’m most proud of my new yarn cubes! I built them from scratch and I know they’re wonky- but I love them! I was inspired by this on pinterest and also thought it would be good to add in some hooks for bits and bobs and a little cork board.

My friend Steph has been collecting corks for ages- so I copied her and beat her to making something with them! Apparently it helps to soak them in water before cutting them in half, but I just sawed them with my bread knife and that worked fine. I’m looking forward to putting some nice hanks of yarn on the hooks!

I really do think it’s important to have a nice space to work in so that you can stay focussed and think creatively. I’m so happy with my new space and I’m really looking forward to getting my lovely new armchair back from refurbishment (dad’s garage)- I think it’ll really finish the room off!


So this is my creative space. What does yours look like? Do you have a whole room, a cupboard under the stairs? Or maybe your creative space is just wherever you sit to knit?! I’d love to hear about it x


2 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. It looks amazing! I’ll have to contract you to help with the interior design of our new house 😉 The homemade mini Expedit shelves are great, I definitely need some snazzy yarn storage in the new year.


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