Crafty Garden- The fruits of my labour

I hate to say it- but with the final bank holiday of the summer coming up, I’m starting to feel a bit autumnal!

After putting quite a lot of work into my veg patch earlier in the year, I’ve been enjoying the fruits of my labour over the last few months- and I’m now enjoying my tomatoes, shallots and looking forward to some autumnal butternut squash.


The strawberries looked promising early on and didn’t disappoint! They take very little effort and after three years, my plants are producing more fruit every year.


I was worried about growing my potatoes in sacks as I normally do them in the ground. But to give the soil a rest from the potato family I thought I’d try the sacks- and they did look blooming cute! They started producing huge leafs early on so I was worried they were putting energy into the plant and not the roots- but it turned out to be the best crop of earlys I’ve had for a few years!

The only problem I had was that some were a bit green- I’m not sure whether that’s because some light was getting through the sacks? Let me know if you know why!


Now- I don’t want to speak too soon on the squash, because the last couple of times I’ve grown them they’ve had lots of fruit which have all rotted off before they were ready. That’s why I built a twig sculpture to grow them up- so that they’re not resting on the wet soil. It’s working so far- fingers crossed!


Despite being extremely  neglectful of my tomatoes and not watering them much- they’re doing really well. Sometimes lazy gardening works! I didn’t have a huge amount of success with my peas and beans (just a couple of meals)- but the sweet-peas have gone crazy and they smell beautiful.

The plant I’m most proud of is my pepper. Out of six plants- only one grew fruit and they’re still tiny. It’s probably far too late now for them to ripen, but I have never successfully grown peppers from seed so it makes me really happy!

I have a really small veg patch, and after my initial excitement in the spring- I do very little to maintain it. I’m always surprised and pleased with how much grows as a result of my lazy gardening! Do you have a veg patch? If not- have you tried growing your own in pots?

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