Rowan Workshops

My shiny new workshop page is now up and running!

wpid-img_20140905_102017.jpgCheck it out here for details of subjects and dates. There will be more dates coming soon, so if there isn’t anything local to you at the moment, keep your eye out!

My official workshop program begins in October, but the lovely ladies at Black Sheep were kind enough to attend a ‘Guinea pig’ workshop this week. I had a great day teaching three lovely ladies from the knit group, and Amy from Black Sheep, professional finishing techniques.

We started to make a mini-garment on the day, which covered many of the essential techniques needed to give your garments a professional finish. Sally in particular, was keen to get home and finish her little cardie and by the time I got back from Culcheth she had already tweeted me a picture of the finished thing!

My little Guini pig workshop has really made me look forward to getting started in October. Hopefully I will see you at a workshop soon x

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