Pom Pom Hair

There were quite a few of us at my knit group who all decided to grow our hair. Mine used to be long, but for the last few years I haven’t made it past the annoying ‘I don’t know what to do with my hair’ mid length phase. One by one I’ve seen everyone else succumb to the lure of lovely short bobs- and my resolve is slipping!

The most difficult thing is- I have a wedding to go to this weekend and it’s not quite long enough for a posh up do and a strange length to wear down! So in my attempt to resist having it all chopped off- I made some fabric pop-poms to stick in my hair!

They’re so simple to make- you can find the instructions on Pinterest here. When I finished them I just slotted a kirby grip between some of the stitches- I didn’t need to sew it on.

In this picture I used one of those hair doughnut things. I thought it looked pretty good- but unfortunately if all fell out shortly after taking the pic because my hair’s not quite long enough! So I need a plan B now. I’ve also done the henna thing again this week because a new hair colour is almost as good as a new cut! This time I used two blocks of marron and about half a block of brun. It’s quite a bit redder and I’m really pleased with it.

What do you do with your hair in that annoying in-between stage? I need encouragement please!

One thought on “Pom Pom Hair

  1. I think your hair is super pretty. It’d almost be a crime to cut it!! It doesn’t look weird in terms of length at all, but maybe the hair style hides that. Anyway, it’s lovely!


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