Skirt in a day

After a busy weekend in Scotland, and lots of driving- I decided to give myself the day off on Monday. One of the perks of being self-employed!

I spent my day off making a skirt with some beautiful Anna-Maria Horner fabric, which I bought at Festival of Quilts. I didn’t plan it very well and made it up as I went along so it’s a bit smaller and shorter than I wanted! But I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I’m keen to buy more fabric to try again!

I wanted to make a full circle skirt so I started by taking my waist measurement and working out the radius (I had to google how to do this because I couldn’t remember!). I then decided on the length I wanted and added that to the radius of my waist measurement- this would be the radius of the full circle. This is where is started to go wrong!

Because I wanted the flowers to face upwards on the fished skirt- I had to cut two half circles rather than a full circle. Also- in order to have the flowers facing upwards I had to cut the semi-circles across the fabric and was limited by the width of the fabric- thus it came out shorter than I wanted! This is where some planning would have been good. I probably could have worked out a better way to do it if I had more fabric, but never mind!


I was scrimping a bit to try and keep as much length as possible, which means I made the waistband a bit too small as well! It’s wearable though- and was quick and fun to make. I’ve learnt a lot- so it’s time to buy more fabric!

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