Rebecka’s Mood Scarf

My good friend Rebecka is one of those rare crafters who finishes things! At sewing group Rebecka normally starts and finishes at least one project- whilst I took me about three years to make my quilt! She sets herself manageable projects and her mood scarf was no different. Rebecka is a crocheter not a knitter, so she knew by doing a couple of rows per day she would finish her scarf much sooner than the rest of us and she wasn’t wrong!

I asked Rebecka a few questions about her mood scarf and here’s what she said-

wpid-img_20140923_130802.jpgHow did you choose the colours for your mood scarf? For example- did you start with the mood and find a colour to match- or choose the colours you wanted and then choose which mood suited the colour?

I had decided that I wanted three colours. One for sad/angry, one for content/normal and one for happy/excited. I picked black for my sad/angry colour, as it is a colour that is often associated with these feelings and because black goes with everything. I picked silvery grey for the content/normal colour, mostly because I like grey and I also felt it matched the mood well. I wanted a contrasting strong colour for my happy colour and chose the pink colour after lots of deliberation and picking up of balls of yarn looking at them and then putting them back on the shelf. I am quite happy with these choices as they as portray my moods nicely as well as going with most of my clothes.

What pattern did you use for your scarf?

I kept it very simple and just crocheted two rows of trebles for each day.

What was your favourite thing about making your mood scarf?

I liked being able to look back over the weeks gone and say ohhh look how happy I have been. It was also fun to do it at the same time as friends, although we all did very different patterns and colours we could speak in terms of colours rather than moods, for example today is a pink day or gosh today was a proper black day!

Did you find reflecting on your mood each day difficult?

I have been doing my reflecting every week rather than every day, so every Tuesday I have sat down and thought of the week gone by. That way I feel I have been able to get the mood of the whole days rather than how I felt just that evening.

Did anything surprise you about your mood scarf? Are you happier than you thought?!

I was happier than I thought which is always good. It also surprised me what caused my bad days. Most of my black days are black because I had a bad headache or because I had slept badly and was cranky all day rather than bad things actually happening to me. A black day could be transformed to a good day just by one nice comment from a friend or a piece of cake (never underestimate the power of cake).

Does your scarf feel special because it’s a reflection of your moods or is it just another scarf?

It does feel special, especially as this period has meant a lot of changes in my life. I have changed jobs and made new friends and it is nice to see how this has effected my mood in a positive way.

Are you still working on a mood scarf? I’d love to see pics and hear your story if you’ve finished already. If you fancy joining in it’s not too late! Find out more here and share pics on my Facebook page. Happy mood knitting!

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