Making Diary

A couple of weeks ago I decided to keep a visual diary of my ‘makes’ over on Instagram. I often reach the end of the week and feel like I’ve not achieved much. This diary has taught me that my expectations are maybe a bit high- I make a lot!


I spent most of the day doing some secret work knitting- sorry! I’d love to show you, but I need to maintain an air of mystery. I then spent the evening working on Kim Hargreaves Captivate from her new book North. It’s all a bit grey!


More secret work knitting and making up during the day. Tuesday is knit group night, so I did a bit more of Captivate and then caught up on my mood scarf when I got home.


Final touches on my secret work knitting during the day, followed by a bit of Captivate knitting in the evening whilst watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is getting a bit repetitive isn’t it?


After finally finishing my secret knitting, I had a bit of an admin day on Thursday, which included making some buttonhole samples in preparation for a workshop. Being the first Thursday of the month, it was pub-knits in the evening, so I did a bit of Captivate and a mood scarf catch up in the Roundhouse.


Friday was supposedly my day off- but I spent all day knitting my new workshop mascot ‘Ted Bear’. And watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


I hosted the monthly Rowan coffee morning at John Lewis Nottingham and then spent the afternoon merchandising their Rowan wall. After a hard day of playing with yarn (!)- I spent the evening working on my rag rug and watching  The Muppets (excellent film!)


As well as a mood scarf catch up, I did a bit of Captivate and also decided to make some lampshades with old yarn. I might add more yarn before popping the balloons so I can’t show you the results yet. Blog to follow!

If you decide to keep your own making diary please share it with me! x

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