Steph’s Mood Cowl

We have another completed mood scarf! Well- it’s a cowl- but it’s still moody. Doesn’t it look lovely? Steph has answered a few questions for me below-

wpid-img_20141028_144831.jpgHow did you choose the colours for your mood scarf? For example- did you start with the mood and find a colour to match- or choose the colours you wanted and then choose which mood suited the colour?

I started with a bright colour that I like- Turquoise, for a happy colour, and then picked a neutral colour for in between days, for which I settled on grey. I then found a darker colour that would go with the turquoise and grey to use for my bad/ sad days. I went for a dark pinky/red colour for this.

What pattern did you use for your scarf and why did you choose that pattern?

When I start something simple like a scarf I try to incorporate an element that I’ve never tried or made before. So I decided on a cowl rather than a scarf, something I’ve never made for myself before. I love moss stitch, it also has the advantage of staying flat when you knit and I liked the fact that my stripes wouldn’t end up looking quite so bold as the two colours next to each other would merge slightly.  I started with 77 stitches, DK yarn on 4mm needles. I added a twist in my cowl too.

What was your favourite thing about making your mood scarf?

I enjoyed doing it over the summer while I didn’t have any other major knitting projects on the go and I made myself try something new: I successfully did a provisional cast on into a chain of crochet (first time I’ve done this successfully) I also grafted my cast on and cast off edges together, which I was quite chuffed with.

Did you find reflecting on your mood each day difficult?

I did, well certainly harder than I thought, particularly days where I had a frustrating day at work followed by a fun evening with friends, I could really have done with a mix of colours on those days. Instead when these days occurred I tried to reflect on what had most effect on me over all, but mostly I settled for my in between neutral colour.

Did anything surprise you about your mood scarf? Are you happier than you thought?!

Not particularly, I am pleased to see that there’s a good mix of colours and colour changes as well as not too much of the dark pink which was my sad colour.

Does your scarf feel special because it’s a reflection of your moods or is it just another scarf?

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it once it was finished, to be honest I don’t really have much of an emotional attachment to it, but I do like it, I think for a cowl I may have made it a little too long, but it is cosy.

You can find out a bit more about Steph’s colour choices on her blog here.
It’s never too late to join in! You can find out more about the mood scarf along here.
If you have any questions you would like to ask the mood scarf finishers- just let me know!

Happy mood scarf knitting x



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