Woolly Lampshades

One of the first blogs I wrote was about a lovely day I spent making doily lampshades!

Ever since then I’ve been intending to make lampshades just by wrapping balloons in wool. I’d reached the point where I had three rooms in need of new lampshades, so decided it was time to crack on.

I picked out some odd balls of yarn from my stash and bought some punch balloons on ebay (they’re super strong). I didn’t have any wallpaper paste in and as I was feeling a bit lazy- I decided that PVA glue mixed with water would do the job (big mistake!). This is where it got messy and I’m glad I decided to do it outside. There was glue everywhere- including on Noodle, who wasn’t best pleased that I had to groom him!

The process itself was fairly straight forward- I just dipped the yarn in the glue/ water mixture and wrapped it round the balloon, making sure I left a hole big enough for my hand at the bottom so that I can change bulbs.

After waiting two weeks for them to dry and go solid, I was really disappointed when I popped one and it just collapsed in on itself. The glue hadn’t made it firm enough- and had stuck far too well to the balloon so it had to be peeled away, which pulled it out of shape.

I didn’t  admit defeat! I blew another balloon up inside each lampshade and this time I nipped to the shop for some wallpaper paste! After smothering them in paste, I left them for another 2 weeks before popping the balloons and I’m really happy with the results.

There is a crackly effect in between the strands of yarn, where there is a thin layer of almost transparent wallpaper paste. They now feel really sturdy, give a lovely light and cast a pretty shadow on the ceiling.


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