Triangle Hat

A few weeks ago, lovely Sarah from Spins & Needles in Lincoln asked me to design an accessory for her using either Felted Tweed or Rowan Fine Tweed. I started swatching straight away!

wpid-img_20141127_110004.jpgMy normal reaction would be to reach for the Felted Tweed immediately because it’s my favourite yarn. But my current obsession with mustard made me lean towards the Fine Tweed. Also- I knew I wanted to do something something in fair-isle and the Fine Tweed comes in 25g balls, meaning I can use more colours but keep the cost to knit down!

The colours were very much inspired by my mood scarf. I love the combination of yellow, teal and grey, but yellow is so difficult to wear- I wanted to make something where it wouldn’t be right next to the skin. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and I hope you like it!

wpid-img_20141127_110556.jpgIt was the perfect day to photograph the hat, with the beautiful yellow leaves standing out against the grey November sky.  The pictures were taken in Woodthorpe park in Sherwood, which is my favourite spot to go for a stroll.

Spins and Needles are giving the Triangle Hat as a free pattern when you purchase the yarn to knit it. It only uses one ball of each shade so that’s just £11.85! The Rowan Fine Tweed has a fantastic colour range, so if you want to get creative and pick your own colours- go for it! As long as you buy the three balls the pattern is free.

Get your yarn and free pattern here.
And here is Sarah from Spins & Needles opening and trying on the hat!


I’d love to see pics of you in your triangle hats- especially if you go for different colours! Please post pics on my Facebook page x

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