Mood Scarf- the challenging months

I’ve reached a point with my mood scarf where it’s long enough to wear – but I want to do it for a full year!

My mood scarf shares have become a bit less frequent and I haven’t written a blog on the subject for a while. I’ve had a challenging few months where my scarf has taught me how closely my mood is linked to my health. I didn’t feel I could share my rather teal/grey scarf without explaining the reasons for my sad days. If you’re only interested in the knitting – stop reading here!

Back in July I contracted some sort of stomach infection and now – over five months later I’m still suffering from the after-effects. Initially my mood scarf stayed pretty happy and yellow. I was embarking on my new adventure in self employment and I was really excited to get started! I was ignoring the odd days where I wasn’t feeling great and rather than letting them bring me down to a teal/sad day- I was just getting on with things and trying not to feel frustrated about illness slowing me down.


Of course – ignoring things isn’t always the best way to deal with illness (will I never learn?!) and by mid-August I was so poorly I couldn’t even get to the doctors. I won’t go into detail – but this was the beginning of a very grey/teal month.


Since late Sept I have been gradually improving, but progress is slow and after five months – it’s difficult to imagine getting back to normal. every single teal day and many of the grey days over the last few months have been days when I’ve either been ill – or have just felt so fed up with not being able to eat without feeling or being ill. I know there are worse things – but I really miss eating cake!

Looking at my mood scarf since July – I’m actually surprised how many yellow days there are! I think it’s because I’m really appreciating the simple things – like the fact I’ve discovered I can eat popcorn without triggering illness (unless I eat a huge bag on my own). Often after a bug you tell yourself that you’ll never take good health for granted again – and perhaps the more prolonged the illness- the more prolonged the appreciation of feeling a bit better!


I’ve been focussing on the positive and have discovered the fodmap diet. I’m sticking to the lists I found here and it’s helped to reduce my symptoms. The diet has made me feel more in control because I’m starting to pinpoint which foods I need to avoid while I’m recovering. You’re meant to do this diet with medical help so consult your doctor if you think it’s for you!

Here are my favourite low fodmap recipes for you to try.


Peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies (wheat free/ dairy free/ low fodmap)
Quinoa, sweet potato and feta salad (wheat free/ low fodmap)
Peanut butter granola bars (wheat free/ dairy free/ low fodmap)

The good news is I can eat turkey, potatoes and cranberries- roll on Christmas!

Despite having a few challenging  months – I’m really glad that I kept up with my mood scarf. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to look back at it and see my mood for the year. Hopefully it will remain quite happy and yellow until I finish it in March!




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