Christmas crackers

I say this every year- but I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone!

I’m really looking forward to Christmas day, but I also love the build up to Christmas- decorating my tree, wrapping gifts and watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. One of my favourite traditions in December is quite a recent one. A few of the regulars from Knit in Notts meet up for a Christmas party! We knit, we eat, we do secret Santa and we drink glogg (because Rebecka’s Swedish).

This year our Christmas festivities took place at Steph’s house so that we could admire her lovely new bathroom! My job was to bring the crackers, so I decided to make them myself.

I used cushion roll to make the centre roll- and bought the bangers from ebay. Everyone got some chocolate, a tree decoration and a Knitting Bingo card! This was an idea I saw on Pinterest. We often knit in the pub and get the same comments time and time again – perfect for bingo!

I wrapped them in brown paper which I fixed in place with washi tape, then tied the ends using a few strands of colourful yarn. They’re a bit crumpled and misshapen – but I think that adds to their charm!



They didn’t take long to make so you’ve still got time before Christmas! What are you crafting for Christmas? x


One thought on “Christmas crackers

  1. I love these! So clever. Will definitely try this next year. At least this way you get a good surprise. (Oh and the Knitting Bingo is so so true!)


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