Crafty Plans

Now that dad’s renovated my lovely Ercol armchair and the strapping is done, I’m desperate to make the cushions so that I can actually sit in it!

This might be a slow process because I have an awful lot of knitting to do (still secret – sorry). But I love planning a project as much as I love the making process.

If I’m feeling a bit down, nothing cheers me up as much as looking through my knitting books and shade cards. I love emptying a box of yarn or fabric onto the floor and playing around with colours and patterns. I find thinking about and planning projects almost meditative. It’s very difficult to do nothing and even more difficult to think about nothing! But planning a new project forces me to focus my mind on one thing, which is easier than completely switching off, but better than a busy brain.

So – I’ve got the foam ready for the seat pad, a squishy cushion for the back of the chair and a pile of beautiful Parson Gray fabrics.

The armchair lives in my workroom, which also doubles up as my boyfriend’s gaming room. Luckily we have similar tastes and I chose greys and greens for the room. A patchwork of Parson Gray fabrics will fit in beautifully!

What projects are you planning at the moment?

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