Lotions and Potions

A little while ago I made some lotion bars – and I’m addicted to them!

I’m on my third batch already. Mostly because I’ve given a few away as well as having them dotted around around the house so that I’m never too far away from lovely moisturising hand salve!

My friend Steph really liked the second batch I made which had lavender oil in it, so I bought her a little vintage tin and have made her some to keep in her handbag. For myself – I have gone for the simple recipe with no added essential oils as I think the lavender irritated my eczema.

Although I love these lotion bars – they don’t work brilliantly as a body moisturiser so I decided to try this recipe to get more of a cream/whip.

I bought a lovely little pot from the antique centre to store it in and it worked really well! It is made up of aloe vera gel, beeswax and coconut oil. I just whisked mine, but it is a bit lumpy – so next time I’m going to try blending it instead. I missed out the peppermint oil and added a small amount of almond oil and jojoba oil. It’s really simple to make, but rather messy!

Do you make your own lotions and potions?


2 thoughts on “Lotions and Potions

  1. I’ve made my own body butter before, though it’s been a while. I’ve also made my own soap and solid shampoo bars, going so far as to infuse my own calendula oil to use in soaps. 🙂

    I’d love to know the recipe you used for the butter, if you don’t mind sharing? The whipped looks and sounds wonderful!


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