Speedy Patchwork Cushion

Many of us spend far too much time working and don’t have much time left for making! I’m lucky that my job involves a lot of knitting and making – but I’m still eager to grab any opportunity I have for selfish projects.

My knitting group has an off-shoot sewing group where we go to each others houses and spend an afternoon sewing and eating cake (or low fodmap granola biscuits!).

The occasional sewing group is perfect for me because I love to sew – but left to my own devices – I very rarely get my machine out. For our group in February I wanted to make a cushion cover for the big squishy cushion pad I bought for my lovely Ercol armchair. I knew that if I didn’t finish it on the day it would sit unfinished until the next group – which probably won’t be until May!

So I decided not to be a perfectionist and just get it done. I had lots of random bits of lovely Parson Gray fabric which were all the same width – and they just happened to be approx half the width of my big cushion.

So I started by cutting my fabric into random sized strips of the same width. I then stitched them together in one big strip which measured just over four times the width of the cushion. I then chopped this long strip in half to create two shorter strips which measured approx twice the width of the cushion. These were stitched together, folded in half, sewn up the side seams and a zip inserted (badly – so you’re not seeing a close up). Simple!

Unfortunately I didn’t get pics while I was making because I was determined to get it done on the afternoon and that would’ve slowed me down!

If I’d taken more time I would have planned out the fabric so that two of the same print didn’t end up directly next to each other – and I would have inserted the zip better! But I’m happy with this for an afternoons work and I’ve been enjoying sitting in my Ercol armchair. The foam on the base of the chair is currently wrapped in a blanket, but I’m planning to buy some grey tweedy fabric to cover this and also a second squishy cushion for the back. Time to go fabric shopping!

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