Homemade Dry Hair Shampoo

After growing my hair for about a year – I got bored last week and went for the chop!

My favourite thing about having my hair longer is that I can get away with not washing it everyday because I can always just put it up! Washing hair everyday isn’t great for it – especially if you’re blow-drying it or using other heated styling things. In the past I contemplated joining the ‘no-poo’ revolution and not washing my hair at all! I quite quickly decided that wasn’t for me and my compromise is to just wash my hair a few times a week.

So I wanted something to use on the in-between washing days to keep my hair nice and dry shampoo seemed to be the answer.

I found various suggestions on Pinterest, and based mine on this recipe because it explained to me why you use each item!


I didn’t use essential oils in mine – instead I added cocoa. This is often suggested as a dry shampoo ingredient and makes my hair smell like chocolate! If you’re blonde – leave the cocoa out.

I used 2 tablespoons of each item and mixed them in a lovely flour shaker which I bought on ebay. Alternatively you could keep it in a bowl and apply to roots with a large make up brush.

One of the problems with Pinterest is that it has a lot of American recipes that don’t always convert directly to UK products. After a bit of research I worked out that American corn starch is corn flour in the UK. Some people on forums were arguing that it’s not the same – but for the purposes of adding volume to hair I think it’s close enough!

The Arrowroot powder/flour is for taking away the oils in your hair. This is a bit harder to find in the UK! I eventually located some tiny sachet’s with the home-baking stuff in a large supermarket.

The next suggested ingredient was baking soda. This is the thing that will actually clean your hair so quite important. After a bit of googling I decided that baking soda is the same thing as bicarbonate of soda here and opted for that.

The finished dry shampoo works perfectly and has saved me from going back to an everyday wash! Have you made dry shampoo? What ingredients do you use?

2 thoughts on “Homemade Dry Hair Shampoo

  1. I’ve wanted to make my own dry shampoo for ages, but had the same issues finding ingredients. In the end I simply opted for baby powder. It has the same effects as a dry shampoo, is widely available and cheap. My favourite is Nivea, I find most other baby powders have a really overpowering smell. My personal trick against my hair looking a bit dusty after applying it is to gently wipe the excess powder away with my towel just after showering. It’s exactly the right amount of damp 😉


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