Lazy Lace

I am a self-confessed lazy knitter!

Many knitters dislike large areas of stocking stitch because it can get a bit boring. I love nothing better than a vast expanse of knitting where I don’t have to refer to the pattern or remember where to do the shaping! Don’t get me wrong – I love a bit of a challenge, but those projects tend to be a bit slower moving.

When I do selfish knitting, I am generally either relaxing in front of the tv (currently watching Poldark and Breaking Bad), or in the pub with my friends. Neither of those environments blend very well with a pattern that requires lots of concentration.


One of the things I love about lace knitting is that you don’t need extra ‘stuff’. You don’t need another needle like with cabling or lots of bobbins like intarsia – you’re just creating the texture with the stitches and it suits my lazy knitting! And if it’s a simple lace pattern, you can just read your knitting instead of the pattern.

When I first designed the Lazy Lace Snood using Alpaca Cotton, I was making it for myself – I loved how quick and easy it was to knit. Rowan then asked to use the pattern and it became one of my most popular designs. It is still available in some places as a Rowan kit – but I have now made a new version – the Lazy Lace Cowl!

wpid-img_20150411_182332.jpgThe Lazy Lace Cowl uses Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze stranded together which I love because you get the fluff from the Kidsilk Haze which is nice with a lace pattern, and yummy tweedy bits from the Felted Tweed. It’s knitted in the round so no sewing up when you’ve finished! I will make the pattern available to purchase soon, so keep an eye on my Facebook page. If you have already booked a place on one of my Lazy Lace workshops then you will get a free copy of the pattern – lucky you!

The Lazy Lace workshop is aimed at people who have some knitting experience but haven’t tried lace knitting before. We will cover the basic stitches used in lace knitting and you will come away with the skills needed to knit the Lazy Lace Cowl and the Lazy Lace Throw from Cute Little Knits.

Hopefully see you at a workshop soon! x

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