Knit thinking

After a lovely long weekend with friends at Centre Parcs, playing crazy golf, kayaking and nearly drowning on the human rapids – I returned home with a very bad cold!

They say that you know you have flu if you’re really really thirsty but can’t find the energy to sit up for a drink. I think there is something in between a cold and the flu and the main symptom is being ‘too poorly to knit’! So on Wednesday (and part of Thursday) I admitted defeat and took some time off sick.

I might not have had the energy to knit – but you can’t stop me thinking about knitting! I find thinking about knitting very relaxing. When I’m driving I always think about knitting, when I can’t get to sleep I think about knitting and when my pilates teacher tells me to switch off all my thoughts – I think about knitting!

So here’s a little collage of what was going through my mind while I was tucked up in bed watching Netflix and eating hula hoops.

What does your knit thinking look like?

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