Show me your stash!

I’m always interested to hear knitters talking about where they keep their yarn stash. I’m often told that knitted projects awaiting sewing up are hibernating ‘in a bag under/behind the sofa’. Whilst some knitters display their stash with pride, some keep it hidden away in nooks and crannies around the house (if you can’t see it then it’s okay to buy more – yes?!).

So I thought you might be interested in seeing my stash!

Starting with my work stash – does that count? I need yarn for workshop samples, project based workshops where I take the yarn along, and also for designing. Since turning my spare bedroom into a workroom, I now have some lovely Ikea cubes which are perfect for yarn storage. I tend to keep my workshop yarn in the packs, with odd balls and pre-wound balls in baskets and bags.

The Ikea wine-rack insert is a knitters dream! I use these dividers for my design yarn because it’s easier to see at a glance what I’ve got.

I also have a little basket which sit’s next to my Ercol armchair, containing whatever work projects I’m currently knitting (this often overflows!).

And my favourite bit is the little shelving unit I made to sit above my desk. This is where all my odd balls/part balls retire to, for a bit of peace and quiet!

My personal stash is actually not too huge. Back in my mid-twenties I moved back in with my parents for a year, and condensing my belongings from a big house into my childhood bedroom resulted in many trips to the charity shop with bin bags full of yarn and fabric.

This was rather heart-breaking and I promised myself then that I would only buy/keep yarn that fitted into one of the following categories:

  • I have a definite project planned for the yarn and it will be knitted (at some point).
  • It’s unbelievably lovely and I can’t part with it.
  • It’s irreplaceable (ie, discontinued, a one off or vintage inherited from grandma).

I have (mostly) stuck to this! I have a shelving unit full of yarn for projects eagerly waiting to make it onto the needles. Random bags all over the house which are my WIP’s (work in progress), and then there is my wooden chest of shame. I bought this chest for the living room so that I could keep my WIP’s out of the way and safe from the cats – but I’m not sure what’s at the bottom of it and I’m afraid that this is my equivalent of ‘in a bag behind the sofa’.

So now that I’ve finished my latest garment – I’m planning to tackle a couple of things from the chest of shame before I start the next!

I’d love to see pics and hear tales about your stash! x

2 thoughts on “Show me your stash!

  1. i too have a yarn stash and use similar criteria for discarding yarn. Amazingly I can usually make every gram of yarn fit one of the criteria for retaining!!! I too have ikea shelves and baskets – but the wines held inserts you have are a great idea. I love your blog


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