Phone Holiday

I started June with a little holiday to Cornwall, and decided to challenge myself to a whole week without my mobile phone!

We had typical English weather, which justified my reasons for packing 5 pairs of shoes. The first few days were a bit windy and cold – but sunny! So we enjoyed some time on the beach and had a paddle. By the last day it was warmer but I was wearing my woolly hat to keep the rain off!

Part of the reason I wanted to have a holiday from my phone was because it is my work phone as well as my personal mobile. One of the lovely things about my job is that it often doesn’t feel like work and everything sort of merges together! I enjoy browsing Pinterest and Instagram for pleasure as well as work, and I often spend the day ‘work knitting’ then start ‘selfish knitting’ as soon as I clock off.

The difficulty with this is knowing when to/how to switch off from work. When work is enjoyable perhaps it’s not necessary to switch off completely? Because there is no line for me to draw between work and play – switching off my phone felt like a trigger to tell my mind it was time to switch off.

The other reason I wanted a phone holiday was because I’m a little bit addicted to it! I’m constantly checking social media and emails and I’m incapable of watching a film without looking on IMDB. whenever I have a conversation about something I’m unsure about, I feel the need to google it immediately. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, and although I think it’s fantastic to have all this information and entertainment at our fingertips, I also think it’s important to look up from the phone and just enjoy the moment.

Well – I didn’t manage a full week but I did pretty well!  My boyfriend had his phone on in case there were any cat related emergencies back home – so we weren’t isolated. After five days I switched my phone back on for a while just in case I had any urgent emails etc, and then it stayed off until we arrived home a few days later.

A week in Cornwall with lots of walking, reading and knitting is pretty calming anyway – but I think the phone holiday has left me feeling super relaxed and recharged. From now on I’m planning to have one day a week where I switch off my phone (or maybe I’ll just leave it in another room for a while!)

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