Time flies!

The first of July will mark one full year since I gave up the day job!

It was such a big and scary decision to make, but I got into the swing of it pretty quickly. As soon as I started working for Coats and Rowan in 2008, I was in charge of my own schedule and I knew straight away that being my own boss would suit me very nicely. It’s been over seven years since I worked in a full time job with set hours, and although I do sometimes miss the structure of having a job that I can leave at work – I really love what I do.

I spent most of the first six months getting organised: preparing workshops and booking dates, planning designs, setting up my workroom and having a bit of a rest. The last six months have been more of a challenge for my time management and self motivation, with lots of workshops and design work. It’s been great!


Heading into summer, it’s a bit quieter on the workshop front – and with my big design deadlines met, I’m planning to do a bit of catching up! I’ve got the red pen out for final checks of my new book The Knitted Nursery Collection, I’m updating my workshop subjects ready for autumn/winter, making plans for my stand at Yarndale and most importantly – catching up on some gardening and selfish knitting!

I can’t wait for the next year of adventures in self-employment!


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