Problems Only Knitters Understand

There aren’t many downsides to being a knitter in my opinion! It’s relaxing, you can create lovely jumpers and it’s generally a pretty healthy hobby to have.

However – I do come across little things in day to day life that I’m sure all you knitters and crocheters out there can relate to. Here is my list of knitting issues that I hope you understand!


One: I never have enough knitwear in my wardrobe because when it comes to buying it I think ‘I can knit that’. But do I have time to knit everything? No!

Two: Whenever I see steak on a menu I shudder a bit because I think of steeking.

Three: I get excited if it rains at the weekend. Oh dear – I’ll have to stay in and knit!

Four: If I’m sitting and not knitting I fall asleep. Going to the cinema is difficult.

Five: Non-knitters look disappointed when they open a gift from me and it’s not hand-made.

Six: I can’t watch films with subtitles. Or any film that requires my full attention for that matter.

Seven: I forget to write out the foll words in full – beg, inc, dec, and rem. This will probably cont.

Eight: Driving is wasted knitting time. I need a chauffeur!

Nine: My shoulder hurts.


Does anyone have a number ten for my list? x


13 thoughts on “Problems Only Knitters Understand

  1. Not so much a No10 but I would add to No7 that I completely forget that non-knitters may not understand any of those abbreviations… I also forget that words like frog, tink, swatch, ease, WIP, UFO etc may not mean much or mean different things to non-knitters. I get a lot of blank looks…

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  2. 11. Even though I have over 60 sets of DPNs, straight and circular needles, I STILL need to buy another because I don’t have the required size for the project I’m working on. True story.

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  3. Number 6 – so annoying, so many good films not watched! Potential number 10… never having quite the right yarn in your stash for the next project – got to buy more!


  4. Not so much with # 4. I knit at the cinema. Yes, in the dark. A simple project can be accomplished by feel. But if it’s a sock- you will have to stop and wait until you have light to turn the heel.

    I wholeheartedly agree with #8, though. That’s why I like to make my hubby drive as much as possible. Knitting time!

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