Kaneshon Cardigan

After knitting Kim Hargreaves Captivate cardie from North on teeny tiny needles – I was ready to do something a bit quicker!

Cotton LustreKaneshon is designed by Sarah Hatton and knitted in Rowan Cotton Lustre. I’ve never been much of a fan of tape yarn, but this felt so soft in the ball and I was in love with the cornflower blue, so I decided to give it a go.

To start with – my dislike of tape yarn wasn’t cured! Whilst knitting up the back I felt that the stitches were coming out quite unevenly. I think this was partly due to it being a tape yarn, but it being cotton didn’t help. Many knitters are a bit looser on one row than the other – for me I am slightly looser on a purl row. I never notice this with wool, but cotton is less forgiving and with this being a heavier weight yarn I could really see it!

I also haven’t knitted a garment using circular needles in a large size before. I’m a pit knitter (as Sarah Hatton calls it), meaning I tuck my right needle in my armpit. I started using circular needles for my selfish knitting a while ago as it’s easier on my wrists, but I still do all of my work knitting on straights so that I can pit knit. I’m much slower on circulars and find larger sizes rather fiddly, which I think was a factor in my uneven tension.

I stuck with it and by the time I was on the front I had got used to the yarn and needles and was rather enjoying the tape yarn!


I’m really happy with the finished cardie. I was worried it might ‘grow’, because the yarn is heavy, but the seams have given it structure so it should be fine. It looks lovely with my bird and butterfly dress and is the perfect summer replacement for my lost Teal cardigan.

Have you finished anything recently?

Yarn provided by Rowan

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