Crafty Garden

I’ve been in a bit of a slump for the last couple of weeks and this week I’ve been thinking a lot about why that is. I’ve reached the conclusion that, although I’m pretty good at dealing with change – I’m not great at anticipating change!

I always feel a bit down in August/September and it tends to coincide with a change in the weather. I love Autumn and I’m ready to embrace it – but it’s not quite in full swing yet. I do struggle with the transition from spending all my spare time in the garden, to cosying up on the sofa. I feel like I’m on the cusp of a new season, a busy time and lots of change!

I think I’m finding it particularly difficult this year because I’ve really made the most of the summer and done a huge amount of work in the garden. I always feel a bit of an anti-climax when I finish something. It’s often a few months before I learn to love a finished knit, and when I decorate a room I have to live in it for a while before it feels right. I think all the hard work in the garden will pay off next spring!

I have a typical little terraced house, but I’m lucky enough to have two gardens! The front garden is my veg patch and the back ‘yard’ is where I sit to relax, eat, work and think.

Above is a little reminder of how it looked earlier this year. I had a very wonky fence that fell down on windy days, a bench I couldn’t sit on because the wood had rotted and an old bureau which I wanted to turn into a mini-greenhouse. Dad had already built me some lovely shed doors, I’d moved some slabs around to make a curved path and planted some ‘weeds’ for ground-cover in shady spots, which I was hoping would fill the gaps and eventually cover the edges of the old slabs.

I now have a beautiful new teal fence, a renovated bench with all new wood, a mini-greenhouse, almost finished shed doors (they still need handles), a freshly painted back wall and a lovely patch of weeds. Most importantly – the neighbours cat approves!

The biggest job for me was painting the fence. Two coats per side, plus three coats on the posts was a lot! Dad has been a HUGE help with putting up the fence (not a one woman job), renovating the bench and building the shed doors. I think I’m most proud of the greenhouse because I did it all myself and it looks great.

So next year the plan is to build some steps and raise the back section to create a flat seating area and make a new gate. I think I’ll need to move dad in for the summer!

I hope you’re not having a post-summer slump? Not long now until we can fully embrace Autumn!

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