Dice Cowl

It’s a Friday blog this week folks, instead of my usual Sunday blog – because it’s Yarndale weekend!

I have already introduced you to the Lazy Lace Cowl and Shuggie Sheep – both of these will launch as kits at Yarndale this weekend. So that just leaves the Dice Cowl!


The Dice Cowl pattern is decided by the roll of a dice – giving you a truly random and unique cowl.

DiceCowl1I was inspired by my experience of knitting the Mood Scarf. I wanted to design a pattern that would take away the over-thinking and be random and exciting to knit because you don’t know what’s coming next!

I also wanted it to be something that you can knit at your own pace. You could knit one roll per day or just keep on rolling. I personally got a bit addicted to the roll of the dice – but it’s a fairly healthy way to gamble I think?!

The Dice Cowl is knitted in Kid Classic, Pure Wool Worsted and the beautiful new Hemp Tweed.

Kits will be available at Yarndale for £25 and you can choose from a blue or pink colourway. All packed in a lovely cotton project bag (die included).
But if you can’t make it this weekend you can buy the pattern from Ravelry here.

All the cowls will look different so I would love to see pics of your finished Dice Cowl!

5 thoughts on “Dice Cowl

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  2. Silly question Jem, but do I knit it in the round or flat on a circular needle? If in the round, do I purl or just knit every row? Thanks


  3. Hello Judy – hope you’re well?

    You knit in the round on circulars and then work as per the pattern – following the instructions given for the number you roll on the dice.

    Happly knitting! x


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