Sew Scared!

I have a confession to make – I’m scared of sewing buttonholes and zips!

I seem to have slipped into the habit of buying fabric and patterns but then not actually making them. There’s always an excuse – normally a lack of time or the fact that I’d rather be knitting. But the truth of the matter is – I’m just not good at zips and buttonholes and I don’t want to ruin my beautiful fabric!

In my ‘unmade’ collection I have the Hawthorn shirt dress pattern by Collette and some Denyse Schmidt fabric to make it up. This scares me because of the buttonholes and the collar. I think I can get away with not pattern matching though – because it’s a fairly random pattern?

The one I’m most excited about is the Betty dress by Sew Over It, which I plan to make in an Anna Maria Horner fabric. I love the fabric so much! It’s a big print though, so that scares me. And of course the invisible zip!

Because the above projects have been unmade for so long I decided to try something simpler and bought the Peony dress by Colette (which is for beginners!) and some spotty Amy Butler fabric which definitely doesn’t need pattern matching. That was back in August and I haven’t touched it. Guess why? It might be simple but it still has a zip!!

At the Knitting and Stitching show last week, I decided that the only solution to this problem is to buy more patterns and fabric. I’m sure you agree?!

I discovered Merchant & Mills and love the relaxed style of their garments and the fact that they very rarely use zips! If I start really simple and get back into the sewing zone, I’m hoping that I can overcome my fear of zips and button holes and tackle the lovely dresses that I want to make.

I bought the Trapeze Dress pattern with some denim. Lovely, plain and simple with no pattern matching to worry about. I think I will do a short sleeved version. I also bought The Workbook, which contains the Haremere Jacket pattern. I’m planning to make a belted version with no buttons in Donegal Tweed.

Have you got any projects that you’re scared of starting or finishing? Join me in tackling them – we can do it!

4 thoughts on “Sew Scared!

  1. I’m totally with you all both these issues. However I have recently over come my far of zips with the aid of a zipper foot for my sewing machines – they’re amazing, I was initially dubious (especially at £20) but I’ve never looked back. Maybe make a simple skirt for the zip practice first…? I have a serious fear of buttons holes, if a zip goes wrong, not he end of the world, you take it out and start again, if a button hole gone wring you’re fair stuffed, eek, I will get there though, as I’m sure you will too, I’m going to try the mimi blouse pattern from ‘Love at first stitch’ where i’m not too precious about the fabric first. Good Luck!


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