Most makers and knitters who I meet have lots of projects on the go at once. I occasionally come across a knitter who just does one project at a time – finishing one project before starting the next (imagine that!), but when I dig a bit deeper I normally find that they have other creative projects on the go alongside their knitting.

I thought you might like to see my WIP’s (works in progress) – and maybe you can make me feel better if you have a similar number of unfinished projects?!

I always have a lot of projects on the go at once, I’m normally quite good at just working on one garment at a time. But not at the moment! I started Wave from Kim Hargreaves Echoes, and although it’s looking lovely – I’m finding it a bit annoying to knit. Being a pit knitter (I tuck my right needle under my arm), I find circulars a bit slow and awkward, but try to do some of my knitting on straights and some on circulars to help with RSI. I find large sizes particularly awkward, and knitting on one 4.5mm point and one 9mm point just adds another level of fiddlyness!

I’m wishing I’d done it on straights and needed a rest from it, so I got distracted by my Brona jumper in Mohair Haze. It’s so soft to knit with and 38cm of st st with no shaping was perfect to work on whilst at the Knitting & Stitching show, on train journeys to visit friends last weekend and on a couple of lazy days this week whilst recovering from having my wisdom tooth out. I’ve nearly finished the back already!

I also have a large Christmas pressie on the go – but obviously can’t talk about that just yet. Hopefully I’ll get it done in time!

And then there is always the chest of shame. Some of us have ‘the back of the wardrobe’ or ‘behind the sofa’ – I have a wooden chest full of half finished and planned but not started projects. This currently features a lonely mitten, a random granny square which might become a cushion, yarn for a felted bath mat, Some Bow Slippers that need another bow, yarn for wash-cloths and the obligatory half sock. Maybe sharing them here will inspire me to crack on with them!

And of course there are also my sewing projects which I talked about in last weeks blog and my rather epic rag rug! I started it two years ago when I decorated my living room and on a whim decided to rip up the carpet and paint the floorboards – despite it being the coldest room in the house. I do love the floorboards but I’m desperate to get this rug finished as I’m sure it’ll warm up the room a bit. I regularly share close ups over on Instagram (#sundaynightisragrugnight), but I thought I would show you the whole thing so you can see how much is left to do.


It’s about two metres wide and I started working from the centre out, but when I started to get disillusioned I began working from the centre patch to the edges so that I felt like I was getting more done.

I spend about two hours each week (well – most weeks) on it and it’s taken two years to get to this point – encouragement please!

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