Fired Pots

I’ve always fancied trying my hand at using a potters wheel, so when my friend Steph suggested we did a five week course I jumped at the chance. I secretly suspected that I would be a fantastic potter and that beautiful yarn bowls would be my next business venture. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I had big plans for things I wanted to make throughout the five weeks, but quite quickly decided that I would just be happy to get something off the wheel! In week one I discovered  that I have really wonky fingers which made it rather difficult to open up the pot evenly and resulted in all my clay ending up in the splat bucket.

I’ve been watching The Great Pottery Throw Down and think they’re amazing to do what they’re doing under pressure – it’s so difficult!

Week Two

After a frustrating first week of producing nothing – week two was a bit more successful. Only one of these three pots made the cut. I’m sure you can guess which one!

Week Three

week 3

By week three I felt like I was getting into the swing of it but my success was still fairly sporadic! Only the centre pot made it to firing, but it’s actually one of the best ones I made. My handle-less jug (in the top image) was also made in week three.

Week Four

In week four I actually made a lot of stuff I liked, but I kept going through the base or taking the clay too thin – so most of them collapsed coming off the wheel (including the bowl). But the plant pot above is one of my favourite pots – I love the shape.

Week Five

week 5

In the final week I only made two pots – but look how straight they are compared to week two! The thickness is fairly even as well and I managed to not go through the base.

I was particularly pleased with the little pot on the right, and since finishing the course I’ve been back to make a handle for it. Everything has had a first firing and I’ve glazed most of them, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how they come out after their final firing.

We did our class with Hands On Pottery in Sherwood, and we can now pop in for a couple of hours (pay as you go) to glaze, tweak, use the wheels again and just generally use the materials and facilities. After a wobbly start, I’m really happy with my little pots and I really want to make more!

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