Stacking Rings


A while ago, some of us were lucky enough to be invited to The Bead Shop for a silver art clay workshop with the wonderful Nettynot. I was really happy with what I made on the day – but I failed to make a ring and ever since I’ve been really keen to solder some rings.

So last Sunday a little group of us got the chance to play with fire and acid to make rings!

There were a lot of steps to the process but overall it was a lot simpler than I thought. I started with a copper ring for practice and then moved onto the silver. I started by measuring the size of my finger, bending the wire to size around a triblet and marking where to saw with tape. Once sawed to size, I filed the ends flat and twisted it so that the ends met neatly.

Then came the fiddly bit – sawing teeny tiny pieces of solder! A tiny bit of paste goes where the ends meet and the tiny bit of solder sits on top of the join. Then I heated the ring with a blowtorch until it glowed red and the solder melted into the gap.

It mostly went to plan but one of them went a bit wonky at the join! Once they’d cooled down and been ‘pickled’ in acid, I then had to neaten them up with some filing, sanding and polishing. I also hammered some of them to create texture. I probably could’ve done a better job of the sanding as the joins are really obvious – but I quite like imperfections and was too excited about wearing them!

Thanks Nettynot for another fantastic workshop!

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