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I love finding out where and how people store their yarn stash – but I would also love to know where you keep all your other crafty ‘stuff’!

DrawDisplayI think we probably all stand united in our love of small boxes, tins and purses for keeping needles, stitch markers etc – but where do you keep your medium sized stuff?

I’m rather pleased with my Ikea drawers. I painted them the same colour as the walls in my knitting room and they’re crammed full with ribbons, pom pom makers, buttons and tapestry wool.

They also came in very handy as display props at Yarndale! The individual drawers made good display boxes for my printed patterns and smaller knitted samples – I also stacked some up to create height.

I’ve always been jealous of my Dad’s garage storage, with his organised bits & bobs drawers and wall of tools.

When Dad came over in the summer to help with putting up our new fence – he arrived with some neat boxes, full of everything we needed, with nails organised by size in yoghurt pots. He probably knew that although I have lots of tools – I can never find them in my huge disorganised box of DIY ‘stuff’!

To have a house big enough to be able to hang my tools on the wall and find things would be a dream! But I do have a bit of space in my utility room and decided to was time for a sort out.

The Ikea drawers were perfect, so I bought a small set for bits & bobs and some larger ones for tools etc. I painted them with chalkboard paint, which covered really easily. I was relieved I didn’t need a second coat because the fumes nearly knocked me out! I used a liquid chalk pen, which was less messy than chalk and I think will stay put better as it needs a damp cloth to wipe it off.

It’s absolutely lovely knowing where everything is and not having to rummage! Where do you keep your crafty ‘stuff’?

5 thoughts on “Crafty Storage

  1. Ahh! I just remembered I have yet to sew together that monkey I knitted 🙂 wanted to make that bear but I think that yarn is discontinued (I have just one skein, but it needs two).

    My room is where I keep all my crafty yarn – I have a glas cabinet where I’ve arranged some yarn, along with books. The others I’ve kept in those IKEA storage transparent boxes because my room is tiny 😦


  2. I have a dog so all my yarn is stored in A4 zip lock plastic bags in the same colours and thickness ie dk aran 4ply. This prevents dog hairs in my yarn. These are then inside big plastic/material zipper bags. My buttons are also in colours in the plastic chinese takeaway boxes. I have a 4 drawer sewing table so everything else is in the drawers in square plastic boxes in colours threads clips press studs etc. Patterns are in old lidded copy paper boxes. I also have my mums piano stool which has a lidded seat top. A lift out tray inside and a deep compartment to store my cone threads from the old hosiery factory in Loughborough. Not exactly Ikea drawers!! But it works for me.

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