Football v Homophobia Bobble Hat

FvH_hatsFootball v Homophobia is an international campaign working to tackle discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in football. To support individuals to take action, Football v Homophobia supply a range of merchandise – t-shirts, badges, wristbands, posters and more!

After receiving a tweet from a fan, who suggested they should also supply woolly hats for keeping warm on the terraces, Football v Homophobia contacted me via my friend who volunteers for them, and commissioned me to make a bobble hat!

Rather than provide a standard, machine-knitted beanie with the logo stitched onto it, Football v Homophobia wanted a hand-knit pattern so that supporters could get involved and make their own. The pattern will be sold from the Football v Homophobia club shop to help raise funds for the work done throughout the year to make football more inclusive.

I confess – I don’t know much about football (I hear it’s quite popular?), but I am a huge fan of bobble hats and was very keen to support the Football v Homophobia cause.

I chose Patons Merino Extrafine DK, because the cyclamen pink was perfect! It’s 100% wool so it’ll keep you nice and warm on the terraces and is quite a stretchy yarn – great for a hat. It knits beautifully evenly and is a standard DK, so easy to substitute if you want to use up your stash (for reference – the Extrafine Merino has 120m/131yds per ball).

The instructions include a fair-isle version and a simple version (without fair-isle) which would suit new knitters. There are two sizes – Small/Medium and Medium/Large.



I’ll let you know when the pattern is available so you can all get involved and knit a FvH Bobble Hat!



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