Christmas Crochet

blanket_croppedI hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and found some time to relax and knit in between gifts and food!

I have been secretly working away all year on a blanket for my Mum & Dad’s Christmas gift. I decided in January that I would start it nice and early and be super prepared. It was a pretty slow start because I was still working on my boyfriends Christmas scarf from the previous year and was incredibly busy with work, but I made a start nonetheless!

I crocheted a few squares throughout the year, but wasn’t hugely surprised when I reached November and had only done about a third of the blanket!

I decided to do some plain squares and some mixed and was a bit worried that it was looking too random! After being inspired by a friend at knit group who was joining a granny square blanket whilst at the same time creating a grid border, I decided to introduce a different shade of blue to bring it all together.

I did something unheard of – I finished a Christmas present with two weeks to spare! And it’s huge – a good size for a double bed. Granny squares are so quick and easy – I love them.

I’m scheduling this blog before Christmas so I don’t know yet if my parents like it, but I’m really happy with it so I hope they do!

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