Rowan Spring/Summer 2016

shade card1

The Rowan Spring/Summer season starts in mid Jan – but I’m only just ready to start thinking about Spring!

The daff’s are starting to flower and we’ve had a couple of sunny days now. I’ve even worn my sunglasses once or twice (with a woolly hat and winter coat!).

Rowan have two new yarns this season and I love them both equally! I used Summerlite 4ply for my Twinkly Beaded Collar pattern & kit, and there is now a DK version of the same. Summerlite DK is a nice matte cotton – ie, it’s not got the sheen you get on a mercerised cotton such as Cotton Glace, and it’s beautifully soft and smooth to knit with.

The second new yarn is Softyak. It is largely cotton (76%), with a bit of nylon for strength (9%) and 15% yak. Although it’s only a small percentage of yak – it makes the yarn feel incredibly soft on the ball and I can’t wait to knit with it! Yak is as soft as, but more sustainable than, cashmere (apparently the cashmere goat eats everything it sees) – it is breathable, odour resistant and hypoallergenic. I might have to get a pet yak!

Here are a few of my favourite designs from the new mag and brouchures: Gifu top in Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace from Mag 59, Lessing cardigan in Summerlite DK from Summerlite DK and Morston jumper in Creative Linen from Mag 59.

But the winner is-

Posee from Softyak DK.

As soon as I felt the yarn I knew I wanted to knit something in it. The fact that it comes in a beautiful teal shade meant it was essential!

All the patterns in Softyak DK are designed by Marie Wallin and the Posee jumper is my favourite. I love the shape, the length, the lace – all of it really!

So the yarn has been ordered and it will be third on my list of garments to knit. Must crack on with Brona!

POSEE 4(1)

2 thoughts on “Rowan Spring/Summer 2016

  1. I am in SO much love with the new Rowan book! There’s at least three patterns in it I want to do. Why are there not more hours in the day just for knitting?


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