Felted Bathmat

felted1I normally have more than one knitting project on the go so that if I’m not in the mood for one – I can just pick up another!

I’ve set myself the goal this year of just having one garment on the needles at a time. It’s only February and I’m already struggling with this! My current garment is Brona, which is knitted in a fluffy 4ply (Mohair Haze) on 3mm needles. I’m really enjoying knitting it – but I’m also really craving my next project which is an aran cabled cardie!

In a bid to stick with my goal of one garment at a time, I decided to start a quick and easy crochet project to work on when I wasn’t in the mood for 4ply (crochet is a different category so it doesn’t count. I’m not cheating!).

I’ve been (very gradually) decorating our bathroom and decided to crochet a bathmat, using felted Rowan Creative Focus Worsted. I have used this yarn in quite a few of my felted designs – Bobble Bathmat from Cute Little Knits and the Felted Toy Basket & Circular Felted Rug from The Knitted Nursery Collection. It makes a lovely sturdy felt and I had quite a few part balls knocking around!

I doubled up the yarn and used a large crochet hook so it was really speedy to make. I washed it at 40 degrees, which means it should be fine now to re-wash on 30 delicates without shrinking further. I sort of wish I’d made myself the Bobble Bathmat instead – because the texture of the felted bobbles is lovely! But I do find crochet really relaxing and it gives me a break from tiny knitting needles.

After a little rest I feel ready to get on with Brona and it’s coming along nicely now. I just need to finish the front and knit the sleeves. Well – about halfway there anyway!

2 thoughts on “Felted Bathmat

  1. My daughter just asked me to felt a bathmat and I just found your post…it’s just what I want. Could you please tell me the size after crocheted and the size after felting? How many skeins or yds of yarn? Worsted weight then doubled on the hook? What size hook? Any information would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Mary


    1. Hello Mary. Apologies but I didn’t make a note of the yarn usage as I was using oddments from my stash and I didn’t measure before felting. The usage and level of felting would vary depending on the yarn you use. I used Rowan Creative Focus Worsted (doubled) and I think it shrank by approx a 3rd. Hope that helps! 🙂


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