Me Made May 2016


Last year I watched with interest as lots of people I follow on instagram took part in the Me-Made-May challenge. This year I’ve decided to get involved!

Me-made-may is designed to help us improve our relationship with our handmade wardrobes. The challenge is run by a lady called Zoe, and you can find out more or sign up here. The idea is to wear a handmade item of clothing every day for the whole month. But you can choose how you want to do it – if you wear a uniform all week you could just do it at weekends or if you already wear one handmade item every day – maybe challenge yourself to dress head to foot in me-made clothing!

I’ve decided to take part because I know that I have lots of hand-knitted things that have drifted to the bottom of the drawer and I want to re-discover them and have a bit of a spring clean at the same time.

I used to have a terrible habit of choosing to knit things based on how fantastic they look in the book rather than how they would actually look on me. I’ve gotten much better at considering the practicalities when choosing to knit something. It might look marvellous on someone strolling along the beach or frolicking in a field – but will those bat-wing sleeves fit under my coat when I’m stomping into town in the rain?!  What clothes do I have that would work with the shape? Would I need to buy new clothes just to go with this cardigan? Do I need another teal cardie? (mmm- yes!).

As a result of poor decisions made in the past, I have quite a few garments which I don’t wear because they’re an unflattering shape, I don’t have anything that goes with them, or they’re just a bit odd!

So throughout May I will be trying to find ways to make these garments work! If I find something that I don’t think I’ll wear again, then I’m going to bite the bullet and either change it, give it to someone who will wear it or de-construct and use the yarn for something else!

Follow me on instagram to see how I get on. And why not join in?!

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