My Knitting Sanctuary

20160519_093721.jpgMy little team of knitters and I have been busily working away behind the scenes on the forest school friends for a local nursery. Unfortunately things have come to a standstill while I have some yarns tested. I won’t lie – the last month has been rather stressful, as I hugely underestimated how complicated safety checks would be when selling toys! Luckily a workshop lady mentioned this to me (thanks Hillary!) and if selling handmade toys is something you’re considering I would recommend this website as a good starting point so that you’re prepared.

Alongside this -my partner is studying an MSC full time whilst working part time. It’s been somewhat difficult to get days off together – but even more difficult to relax and “switch off” at the same time.

I’ve always been a keen gardener, but over the last month it’s really kept me sane! I like having something to do as it takes my mind off things. Gardening (much like knitting) allows my mind to work through things and put things in perspective in the background, whilst focussing on the job at hand.

The back garden is very much work in progress still. I’ve done a lot of digging ready for building the steps which will give us a flat (ish) seating area at the back. It looks a bit like a building site at the moment!

I love my strawberry patch so much that last year I decided to add more berries. So this year I’m hoping to get some raspberries and blueberries as well! They’re flowering so it looks promising.

As well as peas and beans – I’ve decided to try a couple of new veggies this year. I’ve never done very well with squash in my garden – I get loads of fruit, but they rot off before getting big enough. I’ve tried various things but have decided that for the space they take up it’s not worth it. So instead I’m going to try their relation – the courgette. We eat quite a lot of courgette so it will be great if I do better with these! They’re happily growing in my mini-greenhouse at the moment.

I’m also trying carrots! I’ve always thought my soil isn’t fine enough and I worry about carrot fly. But I’ll never know if I don’t try. Not many have come up so I put some more seeds in at the weekend. Fingers crossed!


I love seeing how resilient the garden is and I’m particularly impressed with how my Acer has bounced back after the trunk was sliced in two by a big ginger cat falling on it! I stuck it back together with electrical tape but really wasn’t expecting it to recover. A couple of branches died but the rest has come back as good as ever.

I became a bit obsessed with ferns after our holiday to Cornwall last summer and we put one under the tree at the front which is thriving (she’s called Fern Cotton). Then Dad gave me a fern that had grown behind his allotment shed – and I put this in a shady patch at the back and called it Fern Britton. I was convinced it had died and put in a new one right next to where it had been – but then it came back like some weird alien creeping out of the ground! So we now have a new Fern Britton and a zombie Fern Britton.

As much as I love the process of gardening, I’ve always got my mind on the results! I love being able to step out into the front garden and pick fresh fruit and veg. And I’m really looking forward to finishing the back garden and having a little peaceful sanctuary to sit and think…and knit!

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